Reliable building services engineering

Building services engineering is a general name for the set of technical services, systems and equipment of a property and related facilities.

HVAC technology (heating, plumbing and ventilation technology) and electrical technology form a key part of building technology. Control automation related to building technical systems is called building automation.

Building services engineering is a demanding entity and we have solid experience and the desire to be the most effective partners in building technology. We invest in training and learning new things. We are constantly doing development work to improve our skills and our system.

We offer you reliability, professionalism and, above all, top-class service. By choosing us as your building services partner, you can be sure that you will get the best possible solution for your property.

Building services engineering for new properties

We implement new HVAC projects, whether it's an industrial commercial property, an apartment building or a terraced house, we have the necessary know-how and a wide network of professionals to ensure the success of your project.

As a general rule, we make heating, water and ventilation systems based on the customer's plans until they are ready for use. In addition, we have a wide network of experts for, among other things, HVAC planning and automation.

We serve both construction companies and other industry players in new locations.

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Do you want to ensure the optimal functioning of your property and equipment? Our building technology service and maintenance service offers you proactive maintenance based on agreed maintenance contracts. Our service begins with a comprehensive survey, where we assess the current state of the property and equipment. Based on this, we define the desired functional level.

You can choose a maintenance contract or a continuous improvement contract, where energy efficiency improves in accordance with jointly agreed goals. With a service contract, you get comprehensive service from one place. This way you can save time and money while ensuring the durability and efficiency of your property.

We are committed to providing you with a reliable service that keeps your property in working order and reduces unexpected repair needs.

Invest in your future today and let us take care of your property.


Industrial solutions

In industry, HVAC solutions can save or, on the contrary, you can lose a lot of money and, above all, security.

Together with professionals, we map the current situation and open short- and long-term possibilities for you. You will receive a road map, in which case you will be sure that your production will not be caught up in building technology and at the same time your energy efficiency will increase.

We map the options for future waste heat recovery in operational processes and the optimization of the use of building technology. We also map out different options for generating energy, such as solar, geothermal, water/air and/or different battery options, such as sand battery, etc.

Trust us when you want to ensure the smoothness of your industrial operations and increase your competitiveness. Together, we create future-oriented solutions for your industry.