JS-Group offers industrial installation and maintenance services with expertise and professional pride. Our services include piping, machine, equipment, conveyor, robot, and robot cell installations.

JS-Group Oy

JS-Group Oy specialises in industrial installation projects and equipment deliveries. We implement both new production facilities and demanding process modernisation for customers in the food and other industries. Our largest customers are leading food industry facilities in Finland and overseas. 

JS-Group Oy was founded in 2007. We employ about 70 professionals and 10-30 subcontractors. Our turnover in 2023 was 9.1 million euros.

Our contemporary factory in Laitila manufactures tailored products and solutions for various purposes. Our offices can be found in Peltolanrinne 1 A 1, FI-23800 Laitila.

Our expertise is trusted be these companies among others